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I'm trying to make my way in the dark, bring about some profound change that will at least have me able to retire without being a financial burden to my spouse or children, down that road aways....looking at new ways to grow, share and become more than a face in the window looking out at a dying world and society. Reddit sucks, so does most social platforms, you must bend and conform to a simpletons rules and face humiliation or be banned for sharing positive vibes. I was silenced from r/cowichan for 3 days, for sharing the fact that one must say I love you on a daily, to those you profess to love, tomorrow is to late. I GOT SILENCED by this meager little mod because I most like touched a nerve with love. Screw you, your loss, I don't fuckin bow or back down to no spineless talking monkey in a diaper who hasn't begun to realize its attitudes like that, are smothering everything inside that's good. Worse yet created a site that ego can control, not logic. Is a no wonder were heading into hells belly, with gutless ass"s that hide behind monitors and keyboard, what a fucking joke. Yupp, I'm done venting and pulling the tumor of disgust outta my soul, yesterdays rust, lol. in the end I just say thanks my gain, your loss and someone loves you, I've no time for toxic. Also on todays pod, more of love, sharing, commitment and android. I'm coming right soon, like next show with a twist and its going to rock your socks off, PLEASE STAND BY.
Im DannyB, thank you extremely kindly for the subs and listens, together we can reach the sky, take care be safe and do drop by r/cowichan on REDDIT and share the love. xo lol

Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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