Modern Medicine: What is Shadow Work? Round Table : Episode 2


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What is shadow work and why is it good for us? Definitions of shadow work Why is it important to do shadow work? Best tools for shadow work Assisting others in their shadow work Benefits of shadow work, why is it life changing? Our prayers to the world.

The intention of this Round Table is to unite healers and teachers across the globe to join in service, to educate and uplift humanity in this time of global transition. The focus is healing, awakening and self empowerment, expanding our awareness of who we truly are. We stand on the common ground that we all are healers and love is the medicine that heals old wounds and brings us together as a real family that we are. We walk many paths but we all walk the one path of the One Heart.

And so, we gather together to bring our experiences, wisdom and tools to those who are looking for guidance or support.

The Round Table also serves us to amplify our message and reach people who are looking for our medicine. The ancient format of circle is an energetic protection and source of support and guidance that we co-create naturally when come into a sacred space with intention.

This idea is the seed, and I am excited to see how it will grow and flourish. Please feel free to share your ideas!


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