Truth Wanted 04.34 09-03-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Suris


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In today’s episode of Truth Wanted! Objectively Dan is hosting with a very animated Suris. Welcome to the show, Suris! Jamie in England is first up in the calls to discuss dark lines he sees in the sky he suspects are magnetic fields used by birds for travel. As cool as this sounds, Suris offers up a more scientific explanation. Next up is Chris in Canada who experienced a dream which has led him to believe he is God incarnate. Unfortunately, you cannot find the truth within a dream. William in California finds himself getting frustrated when having conversations with believers. Try staying humble and compassionate, and enter these situations with a clear end goal. We don’t have to be arrogant when talking about the truth. Another Chris called in from the UK wondering if we are experiencing a new wave of satanic panic in America. While we might find more media pushback today than in the last panic of the 90s, we are seeing the spread of misinformation on a larger scale than ever before. Perhaps the last wave never ended. Mark calling from North Carolina comes from a strong Christian background but is trying to live a life without labels. We understand the desire to live in the grey, but labels help us communicate our thoughts and ideas more effectively. Last up is Harley in Idaho to share some thoughts about abortion from the perspective of someone who grew up Catholic and pro-life, and the catholic position on purgatory for the unborn. Thanks for sharing, Harley! That wraps up tonight’s show. Thank you so much to our co-host, Suris for bringing your perspective to these important discussions. Remember to always keep wanting the truth! See you next week.

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