Truth Wanted 04.18 05-07-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Matt Dillahunty


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Hello everyone. It’s Friday which means it’s time to welcome you all back to another episode of Truth Wanted. This week ObjectivelyDan is joined by the ACA’s very own Matt Dillahunty! The first caller of the evening is Justin from AL. They want to talk about the light topic of coming out as an atheist to grieving and ill family members. The decision that the caller has to make is if making sure that their father knows who they are is more important than maintaining peace in the relationship. Next up is Johnny from TX who is looking for advice on how to move forward with a frustrating debate about God. The definition of God, that God begins where our understanding ends,” is fallacious. If God is beyond our understanding, how can the one making the claim even begin to define it. Next is Glenn from PA who believes that Matt does not promote the positive Atheism that he and the ACA claims it does. The term positive Atheism has multiple definitions: either promoting atheism in a positive light, or stating that a specific God doesn’t exist or a specific belief system is wrong. The issue with the latter definition is that if the goal is to put the burden of proof where it belongs, then you want to argue against the points that are actually being presented, and not make unsubstantiated generalized claims about god’s existence. Up next is Rudy from OH who is curious to know what our host’s favorite cryptid story is. If anyone has proof of the “Deer Man,” please call in! Next is Evan from CO who is wondering what our host’s think about Jungian Psychology. Jungian Psychology seems to be able to provide answers for unexplained psychological phenomena. It appears to presuppose (deeper) meaning in phenomena that may not actually be there. Our last call for the night is Joao from TX and is wondering if the platypus’ weird combination of traits are an argument for evolution. Definitely, if you look back at its lineage, you can trace the changes over time that have led to its current, seemingly bizarre form. What a fantastic show that was! Thank you so much for joining us tonight. Please, please, please get vaccinated, and continue to do your part to keep yourself and everyone around you safe until we finally overcome this virus.

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