Truth Wanted 04.17 04-30-2021 with P*ck and God is Grey


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Hello all you truth seekers and welcome back to Truth Wanted! This week, our favorite vulcanized rubber disk, P*ck, is joined by God is Grey! P*ck us actually the only vulcanized bit of rubber that we own here at the ACA so he is our favorite by default. Our first caller this evening is Justin from AL who is wondering if Brenda believes that the flood really occurred. The caller also wants to understand why his friend believes what is said by Jesus in the Bible without question. Next up is Tralian from AZ who wants to tell us about a supernatural experience. Eyewitness testimony is demonstrably unreliable, especially testimony that is being given after 40 years. No one is suggesting that the caller’s mental faculties are degraded or that he was hallucinating, but we all perceive events differently and our perception may not align with what actually happened. Next is Nate from Canada. The caller wants to ask how Brenda reconciles Jesus’ potentially bad advice. The issue is that you can create any kind of Jesus that you want when you read the Bible, and that the image of Jesus that you create is going to align with the lens that you had going into it. Up next is Keith from FL had concerns with the use of the “God of the Gaps” fallacy and then ending the conversation there. It is good to point out logical fallacies because argument is fallacious and not worth directly responding to. However, rather than just ending the conversation right there, it would be beneficial to then explain why it is fallacious and try to work through the argument so that it's not just a one way shut-down. Our next caller is Barbara from Wisconsin who is wondering if Brenda believes that God is omnipotent, and how she reconciles with problematic parts of the Bible that were never corrected. The show’s final caller is Sven from WA who wants to know what keeps Brenda in her faith. The caller mentions that belief in the afterlife is important to him and his connection to his family, and is curious to know what specifically keeps Brenda attached to her own faith. What a show! I mean what a show! If you agree, please give the episode a big like! As always, we at the ACA hope you continue to stay safe! See you next week!

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