Truth Wanted 04.16 04-23-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Matthew Distefano


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Hello everyone! It's Friday which means another episode of Truth Wanted is going to get sent to your eyeballs from the illuminated pixels on your screen. This week, ObjectivelyDan is joined by Matthew J. Distefano. First call of the night is Nick from California who is curious to why more Atheists and skeptics aren’t investigating the supernatural such as paranormal activity. Part of the reason is that these phenomena have been instigated by skeptics in the past and the results didn’t point to a supernatural cause. There is also the factor of cultural beliefs impacting a person’s interpretation of events to match their preexisting beliefs. Next up is Mohammad from California who wants to explain what caused them to become more religious, as well as the reason why they are becoming less convinced in their belief in a god. Our next caller is Adrian all the way from Jamaica. They are wondering how they can go about telling others that they are Atheist. Remember when coming out as an Atheist is to make sure that you are able to do so without impacting your physically safe. While it is nice to be able to have these discussions with others who may disagree with you, those conversations are not more important than your own personal well being. Our final caller is Nate from Canada who wants to talk about the haunted house they used to live in. The caller recounts the many experiences where their family heard footsteps leading up to the front door, but whenever they would check, there was no one there. Thanks for sharing your story with us Nate, it was a wild ride! Thank you all so much for watching this week's episode of Truth Wanted! We hope you enjoyed the show! Until we see you again, stay safe out there and keep wanting the truth.

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