Truth Wanted 04.15 04-16-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Megan Lewis


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Hello all and welcome to this week’s episode of Truth Wanted. Tonight, ObjectivelyDan is joined by Megan Lewis from Digital Hammurabi. The first call for tonight is Lucas from Texas who is curious about what Megan’s concept of Hell and the afterlife in general are. Lucas also wants to talk about a recent conversation with their brother who claims that they survived cancer because of God. Next up is Robert from New York who is convinced that there are “supernatural” type phenomena that exist that science will eventually one day be able to explain. While this is true, science is constantly advancing and developing new tools and techniques to investigate the unknown, that doesn’t mean that science can or will be able to explain everything. Our next caller is David from Florida has a question regarding absurdism and the existence of God. The question boils down to how we find meaning and truth in this world if we do not accept the existence of a God, or we reject a God who fails to help us understand the truths in our universe. Fourth up on the roster is Daryl from Virginia who wants to ask Dan’s opinion on the possibility of living forever and its consequences. Daryl’s “lore” so to speak offers the obvious advantages of living forever at a person’s preferred age range, but there are many factors to take into account and could lead to numerous disadvantages especially over the very long term. Last up is Colson from Texas. The caller is wondering if Megan can provide clarification on her position that a God who chooses to save one person from something is condemning another if they choose not to. They are also curious about how active the God Megan believes in is in our world. Thank you all so much for watching. We hope you enjoyed today’s show. As vaccines are continuing to roll out, please continue to remain courteous to those who are still waiting to get theirs and continue to wear your mask and social distance. To quote Megan, “Be Nice! Don’t Be A Dick!”

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