Truth Wanted 04.14 04-09-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Jo Luehmann


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Hello everyone! Welcome to another spectacular, astonishing, dramatic, magnificent, breathtaking episode of Truth Wanted: Theist Month Edition! Today, ObjectivelyDan is joined by Jo Luehmann. Our first caller of the night is Lee from Canada who is wondering what Jo’s take is on Liberation Theology. While Jo disagrees with some of the theological parts of it, she agrees with the ideology’s fundamental concern for the most socio-economically oppressed groups, and its advocacy to actually work to help uplift them in this physical world. Next up is Andrew from OH. The caller wants to talk about the consequences of Jehovah’s Witnesses banning blood transfusions. The issue is literally life threatening, and while as a person you cannot force a person to undergo a blood transfusion, the indoctrination of such harmful and abhorrent beliefs should be called out and protested. Gabriel from the USA is next and is wondering what Jo’s take on salvation is? Jo doesn’t believe in Heaven or Hell, but instead defines salvation not in regards to an afterlife but in accordance to escaping systems of oppression. Capt. Dad Pool is flying in to see what our hosts think about progressive christianity and whether it is just a stepping stone to Atheism. Everyone has different experiences with Christianity. There are many many cases where Christianity is a toxic, oppressive force while there are other examples where people’s experiences with it, both as believers or non-believers, are more positive. The last caller of the night is Keith from FL. They are wondering if Jo believes in any form of God since she doesn’t believe in an entity God. Jo defines divinity as mystery and defines prayer coming to terms with one's subconscious and dealing with personal trauma. While she doesn’t believe in a supernatural version of Christianity, she continues to use the label as a method protesting the oppression and other harm that has been done in its name. What an amazing show! Thank you for watching Truth Seekers! Stay safe out there and we hope to see you back here next week for another episode Truth Wanted!

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