Truth Wanted 04.13 04-02-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Keith Giles


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Hello and welcome back to Truth Wanted’s first episode of Theist Month! This week ObjectivelyDan is joined by Keith Giles! First up is Robert from Texas who is wondering how well known Christian apologists determine what is considered mythology in the Bible, and what is considered History. Many of the stories and their modern interpretations are vastly different from the interpretations made in the past. Lucas from Texas is our next call who wants to carry on his conversation from last week about confronting his religious family members. This past week he asked his brother why God can do whatever he wants without consequence, and his brother’s response was Isaiah 55:8-9 (Be quiet and just do what god says). Next is Zeph from Illinois who is wondering how the soul correlates to salvation. In his example, he mentions that his dad was a different person after experiencing a stroke, and he is confused on which version of him is going to be judged. If the soul is what is being judged, and it can be affected by physical damage from the natural world, then what even is the soul and why would it be valuable to judge it. Next is Milo from AZ proposes the fun idea that all gods exist, but instead of dying off as they become irrelevant, they instead move onto the next stage of their life cycle. Last up for tonight is Erik from Texas who is concerned about how much Christianity and religion is embedded in the United State’s culture. He is also wondering how our hosts deal with it. Our hosts point out that there are cultural norms that even secular people are unaware derive from Christianity. It is also safe to assume that Christianity is probably never going to fully disappear in this country even if the current trends continue. That’s it for this week’s episode of Truth Wanted! We hope you enjoyed the show. Until we see you next week, we hope you continue to stay safe out there!

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