Truth Wanted 04.12 03-26-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and P*ck


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Hello all and welcome to this week's episode to Truth Wanted. Tonight, our hosts ObjectivelyDan and our favorite piece of vulcanized rubber P*uck are going to be fulfilling all your truth seeking needs. First up on the docket is Lucas from Texas! The caller comes from a very religious family, they’re all preachers, and they are the only Atheist. Your safety and well being are the top priority, and we’re glad you have found other outlets to at least mentally escape from your situation. Thank you so much for calling Lucas! Next up is Roberto from Texas who wants to get into activism, but is overwhelmed by the number of subjects they are passionate about and the ever expanding amount of misinformation out there. Don’t worry about whether people will listen to you, they will. Over time, you will find an audience who appreciates your goals as an activist. As for choosing a subject, focus on one that you are comfortable with and naturally branch out from there. Third up is Michael from Germany who is wondering what theists are objecting to when they say something can’t come from nothing. We don’t need to assert that something can come from nothing to reject the claim that everything came from God. Many of the “gotcha” attempts made by apologists are one sided, over-simplified statements that can be confusing to outsiders and do not necessarily address the actual positions held by non-believers. Next is Keith from Florida who wants to continue the conversation from earlier on religion and racism. The caller provides an example of a Pagan organization's explicit racism outlined on its website’s “values page.” What a show! I mean what a show! If you agree, please give the episode a big like! As always, we at the ACA hope you continue to stay safe! See you next week!

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