Truth Wanted 04.10 03-12-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Dr. Josh


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Hello all you truth seekers and welcome back to Truth Wanted! This week, ObjectivelyDan is joined by Dr. Josh. First call for the night is Ally from GA who recently stopped believing in the supernatural and spiritual phenomena (such as crystal healing and tarot card reading), and wants to come out to their friends about it. They don’t want to make their friends who aren’t as skeptical think that they are being betrayed. Next up is Jay from MO who is calling to share a personal experience with God through a dream he had. The issue with dreams is just how much they are affected by what is happening in our lives, so attributing naturalistic experiences to them can be potentially unjustified. The conversation also brings up the interesting perspective of how the pull to faith, and hope that our religious beliefs are true increases when we encounter tragedy. Next up is Ed from DC who wants to talk about his research into the wife of God, Asherah and the connections between the story he pieced together from the Bible and current day. Fourth up is a return caller from last week, Adam from IL. Adam wants to double down on his use of the “No True Scotsman Fallacy” from last week. The caller still doesn’t understand that people leave their faith for a wide variety of reasons, but that just because they stopped believing, that doesn’t mean that they never did believe or that their denomination is any less legitimate that another. Our last caller for the evening is Michael from OH. The caller wants to know how we as a society can combat the rapid spread of conspiracies. One of the biggest factors in this fight is how we as a society handle free-speech on social media. Since these platforms are run by private companies, the best way to combat these beliefs that don’t conform to reality is to have conversations and guide people to ask why they believe what they believe and what made them hold that belief so confidently. What a show! Thank you all so much for watching. Until we see you next week, stay safe out there!

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