Truth Wanted 04.09 03-05-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Ross Blocher


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It’s Friday which means another episode of Truth Wanted is hitting your screens right on schedule. This week, ObjectivelyDan is joined by Ross Blocher! First up for the night is Will from TX. As a former Catholic, the caller is struggling to have a conversation with their still believing sister who is having personal experiences in the form of visions and dreams. One of the ways to continue the conversation is to not outright deny their experiences, but to insert a bit of gentle nuance into the discussion to possibly get them to ask some questions about their beliefs. Next up is Joe from VA who wants to run some street epistemology on Dan. In the interview shown in the previous episode of Truth Wanted (Episode 04.01), Anthony Magnabosco is shown interviewing Dan back when he was still a believer. The caller wants to know what part of that conversation was most convincing to Dan. Entering onto the field now is number 3, Adam from IL. The caller wants to know more about Street Epistemology and if it is just a tool to create more Atheists. SE is less about convincing theists that a God isn’t real than it is guiding people to questions why they believe the things that they do (not limited to a God belief). Also sidenote, the caller should familiarize themselves with the “No True Scotsman Fallacy.” It isn’t cool to dismiss other people’s experiences as Christians just because they don’t believe anymore, or when they did, they weren’t a part of your specific denomination. Instead, please potentially consider why there are so many different denominations with so many conflicting views. That was a great show wasn’t it! We sure hope you thought so! If you want to see more why not check out some of the ACA’s other great shows? It’s still a crazy world out there right now so until next week, stay safe out there!

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