The Non-Prophets 20.19 2021-05-09 Johnny P Angel, Jamie Boone, Malty, Neil the 604 Atheist


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Episode 20.19 of The Non Prophets, airing on May 9th 2021 featuring Johnny P Angel, Malty, Neil the 604 Atheist, and featuring the return of Jamie Boone. On this week’s episode we will be discussing how Evangelicals are searching google for “Male Enhancement”. How plastics are killing our sperm. The Supreme Court has a Shadow Docket and how the church is bigoted about anesthiesa. 1. Jesus, anti-science, irresponsibility and weiners New study links evangelical Christianity to phallic insecurity in the United States (PsyPost) Evangelical Christians are more insecure about their penis size than other men Why Are Evangelicals Googling About Penis Size? (GEN from Medium) Linking Evangelical Subculture and Phallically Insecure Masculinity Using Google Searches for Male Enhancement: Abstract (Samuel L. Perry, Andrew L. Whitehead) Unbuckling the Bible Belt: A State-Level Analysis of Religious Factors and Google Searches for Porn: Abstract (Andrew L. Whitehead, Samuel L. Perry) Sperm count and plastics Plummeting sperm counts are threatening the future of human existence, and plastics could be to blame (Insider) Dr. Shanna Swan (website) Evidence For Decreasing Quality Of Semen During Past 50 Years (jstor) Chemical components of plastics as endocrine disruptors: Overview and commentary Why Penises Are Shrinking Across the World (asapSCIENCE) 2. Yoga in schools, watch out for the rising tide of Hinduism in the 2020s (The Guardian) 3. Religious freedom double standard: (The Hill) vs. Opinion: The Supreme Court’s ‘peyote decision’ limited freedom of religion. Is it in trouble? 4. Looking back: Churches v. Anesthesia (Freethought Almanac) Sushruta: The father of surgery

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