The Non-Prophets 20.16 2021-04-18 Martin Robert, Neil the 604 Atheist, Laura Magee, Phoenix


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The Non-Prophets 20.16 2021-04-14 Martin Robert, Neil the 604 Atheist, Laura Magee, Phoenix On this week’s episode of the Non-Prophets, we discuss some great topics. Phoenix opens up the floor with some history about Madalyn Murray O’Hair, the life and times of one of the most prominent atheists in America. Next, Laura and Martin discuss how religiosity influences a greater wage gap, as opposed to more secular workforces which tend to have a smaller gap. After that, our hosts go over the ins and outs of Scientology’s monetary habits, and how they may be losing their financial foothold as a non-profit. Our fourth article is about the Freedom From Religion Foundation and how they dropped a recent lawsuit after the state they were suing accommodated the FfRF’s request...or did they? Alabama sure is a tricky one. Lastly, we get into the issue of censorship in Italy and how the grasp of religiosity has been removed from their movie industry. Looking Back... Additional Articles Second Article: Third Article: Fourth Article: Ending on a High Note:

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