Talk Heathen 05.40 10-03-2021 with Lloyd Evans and ObjectivelyDan


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Greetings Heathens! Hope you are all well! In today’s episode of Talk Heathen, smooth talking nutter squasher and master of metaphors Lloyd Evans is joined by the always wonderful and wondrous ObjectivelyDan. Let’s get to calls! Robin from DC would like to talk about why atheists are critical if things can not be 100% defined or proven to be impossible. Yes, he’s a presup and yes gets aggressive if we don’t follow his “script.” There is talk about an egg on Lloyd’s desk and we don’t get an answer as to why Lloyd has an egg on his desk. Michael in Colorado is up next, he is wondering how to get JWs to stop visiting, stop writing him letters, and stop calling him. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a way to fully stop them as they have changed their strategy due to the pandemic. Here we find out that Dan wants to engage and talk with JWs. You put it out there Dan! Returning caller Kevin in New York, is calling yet again to discuss what he brings to the table when he calls and how his methods of debate are similar to a courtroom. Lloyd doesn’t quite agree with this premise, but it’s different from his normal call about the apocryphal texts… oh wait, spoke too soon. DJ in Oregon has an observation and a question for Lloyd and Dan. He has observed how we speak in philosophical terms with presups and how they are there to obscure facts and try to get folks to say specific and ridiculous things. Matt Dillahunty (in chat) said it best, we shouldn’t assume or accuse what’s in people’s heads. So keep asking questions. Michael in Florida is asking how anyone can prove the God of the Bible exists when it’s so contradictory. Good question, it’s something we constantly are up against and working on. Sheri in Ohio is wondering about folks putting stickers on the Gideon bibles (or Book of Mormon) within motel/hotel rooms. What do we think about this practice? Erring on the side of caution, it might be best to place flyers or bookmarks in them instead of adhering stickers to them because this may do more harm to the movement than good. That’s our show for this week, please continue to be safe in your area, wear your mask, and get vaccinated if you can. The world is better with you in it. See you next week!

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