Talk Heathen 05.19 05-09-2021 with Jim Barrows and Rudy Bee


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Greetings Heathens! Happy Mother’s day to all those moms out there, we hope you have a great Sunday. For all you kids out there, call your mom, she’d probably enjoy talking with you. In today’s episode of Talk Heathen, Jim Barrows is joined by Rudy Bee. Let’s get to calls! Chad in Michigan has a few things to talk about. He was recently kicked out of his dad’s home over the weekend due to listening to an atheist podcast around his younger siblings. He is now wondering how to approach and repair his relationship with his dad. Mike in Washington is up next, he is wondering about death and loss as a secular person. He offers some words of wisdom and provides a good deal of how he personally approaches these life events as a secular person. Kevin in New York is calling about the debate about morality and suffering. Yes, it’s THE Kevin in NY and yes he is all over the place with his questions and responses. Rudy finally asks him, “What’s your point here?” And “What made Jesus the authority on morality and suffering?” Gary in England is asking about what Christians and atheists can collaborate on as far as social and societal problems. Oh yes! We absolutely can and should work together to make a better world. Olena in Arizona is calling about finding religion (Buddhism) after being an atheist. They are finding great comfort in Buddhism mentally. Can you be a Buddhist and an atheist at the same time? Jose in California is wondering if it is really necessary to provide evidence for theism. If you’re trying to convince or explain your beliefs to others, yes. If you are keeping your beliefs to yourself, no. Up next, Carpe Diem in Colorado what does redemption and forgiveness in the secular community look like and how does it look like when we make alliances with someone who later does something hurtful and toxic without knowing it. Interesting question, Rudy has an amazing take on this. Schell in Arizona would like to talk about her brother’s evangelical Christian family and how she can help teach the kids to stay curious and use critical thinking when they are older. Despite your well intentions, sadly it is not up to you to teach them. There isn’t anything you can ethically and respectfully do to really teach them. Maybe purchase science books for them and do fun experiments with them when you can see them. That’s our show for this week, please continue to be safe in your area, wear your mask, and get vaccinated. The world is better with you in it. See you next week!

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