Talk Heathen 05.18 05-02-2021 with Eric Murphy and Vi La Bianca


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Happy Sunday Heathens! In today's episode, Eric Murphy and Vi La Bianca are here to answer all of our caller’s burning questions. The first call this afternoon is Brenda from MN who believes that philosophy is objective and constant for everyone, and is not opinion based. They define opinions as beliefs, and truth as a subset of belief. The caller argues that subjective experiences of individuals and groups are irrelevant to the philosophical discussions. The next caller is Paul from England who wants to argue about the definition of Atheism, and has a cosmological argument for the existence of God. We do not know what we do not know, therefore, making indemonstrable assertions about a god’s characteristics doesn’t get us any closer to proving that God’s existence. Up next is Xeno from NC who wants to tell the hosts about how programming is what led them to belief in a god. When you create a program that makes use of time, you are not creating time. You are setting up rules that the program follows in conjunction with time. Next is Charismatic Catholic from Texas. They are wondering if the claim that Jesus rose from the dead after three days is unreasonable. As we cannot go back in time to evaluate what actually happened, and we have any other reliable experiences with a person rising from the dead, we don’t have any good reason to accept that claim. Alan from Mexico is arguing that the Bible was written by God through humans, and that the rules outlined in the Bible, like circumcision, are divinely intended. Our final call for today is Maya from GA who is wondering why prayer helps reduce their anxiety. Prayer can work very similarly to other mindfulness exercises such as meditation since it allows you to ground yourself and focus on what steps need to be taken to work through your anxiety. Thank you so much for calling! Thank you all so much for watching today's episode of Talk Heathen! Enjoying the show and looking for more, why not check out some of the ACA’s other shows! We guarantee you’ll find something you’ll like.

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