Talk Heathen 05.15 04-11-2021 with Eric Murphy and Vi La Bianca


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Greetings Heathens! In today’s episode of Talk Heathen the dynamic duo are back together again, Eric Murphy and Vi La Bianca. #LaMurph Let’s get to calls! Scott from South Carolina would like to talk about evidence for God and the Problem with Evil. He goes on to explain 5 stanzas that he explains his Christian based beliefs and wonders what we think about evil. Literal alphabet soup (which confuses Scott) and if a jar of evil actually exists was mentioned. Scott call us back! This was a great conversation. Terry in Oklahoma is up next, he wants to talk about the claim that there is physical evidence on Earth for the voracity of the Biblical narrative. Oh really, please explain how you’ve come to believe this. Oh no, he believes Ron Wyatt really discovered biblical archaeological relics and artifacts. Andrew in Ohio is calling about his beliefs in the God of the Bible and also believes it is wholly accurate, inerrant, and historically true because of the authorship of the Bible. That’s like saying Harry Potter and wizards are real because it is set in London. Also Andrew, please don’t call back, you were being incredibly dishonest in your arguments. David in Washington is asking about signs, miracles, and personal revelations and how they figure into beliefs. Vi also breaks down their perspective on personal revelation and how erroneous it can be. Oooh, if you do have photographic evidence, please do send it to us! Hmmm, maybe it’s pareidolia... Krishan in New Jersey is curious about what merits reasonable belief. It can completely depend upon you and how you feel about that belief, how much it impacts you, and whether there is enough evidence to support this belief. Kevin in New York (yes, THAT Kevin) is calling back to talk about how he has an update about the actual authors of the Bible. Ooooooh! Call back next week Kevin! That’s our show for this week, please continue to be safe in your area, wear your mask, and sign up to get your vaccine. The world is better with you in it. See you next week!

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