Talk Heathen 05.11 03-14-2021 with Eric Murphy and JMike


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Greetings Heathens! We’ve got a special episode for you today, Rasputin has escaped death once again and is joining Eric Murphy on the show! Wooooo! Joking, it’s JMike. Welcome to the co-host seat JMike, we are glad you are here! Let’s get to calls! Aegir from Iceland would like to talk about why we argue against intelligent design and are justified in calling it random. Pauly in Germany is up next, asking if you’ve deconverted from religious life, how does this impact your mental health? Interesting question! Bill, a presup in Missouri, is thinking too hard and has a question about setting up a debate with Darth Dawkins. Hey Bill, let’s not call on behalf of others, we are talking to YOU, not them. They can call in if they want to. He follows this up with: How does Atheism have a truth value in reality? Oooooh, our first presup question of today’s show! How exciting. Though Bill is being dishonest and only waiting for his turn to talk. Bye Bill, here’s a tip, learn how to actively listen and not just read from your script. Returning caller Randy in California is wondering about a hypothetical, what would the long term effects of sequestering religions into specific regions, including atheists. Hmmm, what a quandary. But I don’t want to live in Florida! Rick in Georgia is wondering about how when he looks around he sees intelligent design and believes this creator/creation is all around us. He also believes that everything is logical and has a purpose. We should look at the trees that bear fruit that we can eat! Oh boy. Michael in California is calling in asking about an argument for the existence of a God creator. He lists out at least 6-8 premises that revolve around that there are explanations for everything in the universe/cosmos and this must be due to God. Queue in the category of Cosmological arguments in 3, 2, 1. Up next, Dean in North Carolina is a professional presup and wants to discuss a recent debate about Christianity and science, and the strengths and weaknesses between both participants. Umm, nah. Let’s talk about something else. He then asked: Do you think all truth can only be discovered through the scientific method? That’s our show for this week, please continue to be safe in your area, get the vaccine if you can, and please wear your mask in public. The world is better with you in it. See you next week!

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