Talk Heathen 05.10 03-07-2021 with Eric Murphy and Vi La Bianca


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Greetings Heathens! In today’s episode of Talk Heathen, Eric Murphy and Vi La Bianca will be taking your calls on this wonderful Sunday! The first caller of today’s show is Robin from DC. Robin wants to know if atheism is rational. Unfortunately, the caller’s definition is entirely circular as in a world where a god necessarily exists, a necessary god exists. Before you can begin applying attributes to a god, you first have to demonstrate that the god exists and that it is necessary rather than just assert it. Next up is Jerry from NY who believes that some people are born believers and some are born non-believers. The caller claims that God knows everyone who will be born and pre-determines whether a person is a believer or not while they are still in the womb. Before reaching this conclusion, there are a lot of underlying assumptions being made without evidence backing them up. Jose from CA is calling to talk about a dream where he quoted Daniel 2-3 and believes that this was a sign from God. While the occurrence of the dream is interesting, we shouldn’t confuse what we dream with reality, nor should we assume that a particular dream is any more special than any other. Up next is Robert from MA who is wondering what positive Atheism is and how atheists can do a better job of promoting it. The goal of positive atheism is to create a diverse and welcoming community that works to make the world a better place while combating the assumption that atheists and non-believers can’t have said communities. Justin from NJ asks if the fact that all humans and animals share a common ancestor could be used as evidence of a common creator. While the caller is willing to accept that creation could have happened billions of years ago, it seems they are picking and choosing which parts of the book to take literally or which to take metaphorically. Tonloc from Texas wants to continue the call with Robin from earlier and make some clarifications on their point. The reason why we can attribute traits to a fictional character is that fiction exists and we can build upon it. We cannot begin to apply traits such as “necessary” onto a god until the god is first demonstrated to exist. Also, please consider updating your script so that when you are asked a clarifying question you don’t have to dodge five times. That’s our show for this week, thank you everyone for watching! Please continue to be safe in your area, wear your mask. The world is better with you in it. We love you all with our uncut hearts and are sending all the rainbow void bubbles we have in stock your way. See you next week!

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