S02EP01: Let's talk toxic relations with Murielle Marie - English Version part 2/2


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In this episode Murielle and I discuss the paths that lead us to accumulate toxic relationships in our lives and how we have managed to free ourselves from them.

Discover Murielle Marie

Murielle is a Serial/Portfolio Entrepreneur, Certified Business & Leadership Coach and a Freelance Project Manager.

Murielle has more than 22 years of entrepreneurial experience. She’s done everything from building, growing and successfully exciting a web agency to founding start-ups, investing in cryptocurrency, and more recently creating a successful online coaching business.

As a two-times certified coach, she helps creatives & entrepreneurs get unstuck, build sustainable projects and make smart decisions about their time and money.

Murielle specializes in getting personal goals, creative projects, portfolio careers and change-making businesses successfully kick-started or re-ignited. She’s an advocate for Soulful Productivity™, and an expert in mindset and money mastery. Oh, and she has a strong belief in the power of feeling fear and doing it anyway 🙂

Murielle loves working with people who are ambitious and multi-passionate, but who struggle with overwhelm, insecurities, lack of boundaries, perfectionism and procrastination. She helps them transform their mindset and raise their confidence, so they can finally put a plan together and take action to achieve their personal and professional dreams.

Helping women take charge and thrive as leaders is what makes Murielle get out of bed in the morning. So does unraveling the mysteries of the Universe, taking long walks around her neighborhood, rocking Blondie t-shirts on TEDx stages, and visiting libraries around the world.

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