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Anders Galk, Nele Galk

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Yggdrasil-Tapes ist Talk-Radio. Wir plaudern über Gott und die Welt, Filme und Serien, Veganismus und Lifestyles, Podcasts und YouTube, einfach alles, was uns in den Sinn kommt. Comedy? Dafür sind wir zu lustig. Dokumentation? Dafür sind wir zu informativ. Bildung? Dafür sind wir zu schlau. :-) Hört einfach mal rein und sagt uns, wie es euch gefällt. Facebook: https://facebook.com/yggdrasil.tapes/ Instagram: yggdrasil.tapes Twitter: https://twitter.com/tapesyggdrasil
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Global warming is destroying the environment. New data suggests things are way worse than first suspected. But when our future is in the hands of powerful and rich people, what can the average person even do to affect change? We have a twitter thingy... we think. Say hi or request a subject for us to talk about @YggdrasilPod.…
Talk to us on twitter: https://twitter.com/YggdrasilPod In a surprising turn towards justice, the USA just convicted a murderer of murder, even though the murderer was a cop and the victim was black. How much time will Derek Chauvin, the man who murdered George Floyd, serve? What will this mean for future similar cases? Will America start actually …
Andy and Matthew talk about the second impeachment of Donald Trump Is he guilty (yes)? Will he be convicted (no)? But what does this mean and what does it say about the future of the republican party? Follow us and tell us what subject you want us to talk about next on twitter: https://twitter.com/YggdrasilPod…
Right-wing terrorists attacked the US Capitol last week. Matthew and Andy have some thoughts. Was this really a coup (spoiler: it was)? What will the consequences be? Will this go away as Trump leaves office? And what created this? Follow us on Twitter. Ask us a question or tell us what you would like us to have an episode about: https://twitter.co…
We have never been more connected or farther apart. Where once we could agree on certain baseline facts about the world we live in, objective fact has now become a matter of opinion - and often an uninformed one. How did we get to this point, where seemingly even the most basic facts of life are up for debate and open to wild interpretation dependi…
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