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Zanatari gets her chance to pepper the Green Dragon Empress with questions while Sezzur seals a deal. A gratefull Empire also demonstrates that it's not cheap when it comes to paying the hired help. And no, I have no idea what Jenesee was thinking when it came to the opening music selection.Par Jenesee Grey & Tinzien
The party continues to deal with both the onslaught of giant worms driven to the surface by the conflict at the jail. Mydthryn somewhat continues to learn how to fly and Karrul learns that flesh is weak in his mighty grasp. There is even a rumor going around that Zanatari's deity is present!Par Jenesee Grey & Tinzien
This special episode picks up the evening where episode 147 left off because Karull's player was not available to record. Closing this loose story thread will allow the three players to move on with a new story line.Sezzur and Zanatari's persuit of the cloaked figure pays off!Par Jenesee Grey & Tinzien
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