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Don't Say...with Paul & Dave

Don't Say...with Paul & Dave

Dave Foley, Paul Greenberg, Eban Schletter, Crissy Guerrero, Jackie Harris

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DON’T SAY…WITH PAUL & DAVE is a comedy podcast in which two old friends, Paul Greenberg (Vacant Lot, Random Play) & Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall, Dr. Ken, Newsradio), who also happen to be Canadians offer Americans a respite from, and a guarantee, that this is the one place you won’t hear that most unseemly word, “c*nt”. It’s a 45 minute stream of consciousness journey, peppered with enjoyable music and legal advice from the talented Eban Schletter (Spongebob Squarepants, Stan Against Evil, ...
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Jonathan Jakubowski, Author, Executive Committee Chair of the Wood County, OH Republican Party, and member of his county's Board Of Elections, joined AM Tampa Bay to discuss the Urban/Rural divide in America and how to bridge the gap nationally.Par 970 WFLA (WFLA-AM)
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