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DeSci Weekly Roundup

DeSci Weekly Roundup

The Science Commons Initiative

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Sharing all the news that's fit to fit in under 5 minutes. If you want news featured in next week’s roundup please email a brief along with relevant links to contact@thesciencecommons.org Follow us on twitter @TheSCInitiative for a megathread of links to each week's mentioned news.
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Special Guest with Tokyo 2021 Qualifier and 2nd Place Finisher in the 2020 eSports Worlds Sarah Gigante! She tells us about dealing with her big injuries this year, how to get the pro peloton eracing and her 3 biggest cycling mess ups!Par No Breakaways
This is my first episode This week I go over Donald Trump's new national emergency he's declared, new updates on the race for the presidency in 2020, strong opinions about massive cuts for planned parenthood, sexual assault hearings for Virginia's Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, among others. Warning: Full of opinion, full of half baked claims (I'm ju…
So there is only me this week... for now!?I start off with discussion of the Shannara Chronicles, the magic is super weirdThen I got to Film with Deadpool, Kung Fu Panda 3, and end with Zootopia, which i think is "racist"Then is the discussion of the The Magicians and how the main character is not that interestingAnd we end off with talking about t…
So the podcast started on track, even though peter don't believe so...We start with The 100 and how Peter really don't like itLucifer, hey it is getting interesting with the main plot, but nothing elseFlash, is AMAZING, but why did Barry leave the guy and say he will go back for him, but shut the portal without anyways of going backArrow, how did M…
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