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Our official website: Our streaming radio payer: The RCEI is a Christian web radio ministry founded and managed by Franck Doristil since April, 2005. The main goal is to provide good spiritual food to all of those who are seeking the truth. Good music of various styles, Bible sermons, Bible studies and testimonies are available freely on our site. Thanks for choosing our radio for your spiritual grow ! Regards, ...
Creativity Shots is a quick podcast about how artists get creative.Each week, artists describe their process, how to build an audience in the social media era, and the journey of a new artist.Creativity Shots is not meant as a course about how to get creative. However, it will hopefully inspire people to do just so: it is full of helpful tips from creatives with various levels of success.I, Acee, will be sharing the steps of my own journey as well, and insights to how creativity works for me.
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