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Natalie Noel joins Josh in LA to talk about her recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit debut, her relationship with David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad, and play a new game of Rate That Fashion Look. We find out about Natalie's relationship with Toddy Smith and what it's like to be Vice President of David Dobrik LLC.…
The crew is back recording after a week break as we talk about the Addison Rae UFC commentator drama, Charli getting ‘cancelled’ for dancing at a 4th of July party, and the FaZe crypto scam. Jake Paul joins us from Miami to talk about his upcoming fight against Tyron Woodley and his hate for Floyd Mayweather.…
Bretman Rock joins us from Hawaii to talk about his lifestyle as a singer, songwriter, actor, actress, athlete, activist, and a scientist on the side. We talk about Bretman becoming his Nike Ambassador campaign for Pride Month and his new YouTube series '30 Days With Bretman Rock', and finish with a game of 'To Cancel Or Not To Cancel'.…
Nikita Dragun joins us from Miami to talk about the upcoming Netflix Hype House documentary, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and her makeup line Dragun Beauty. We also talk about Nikita's past relationships and her platform as one of the most popular transgender influencers, then finish with a game of f*ck, marry, kill.…
Jeffree Star joins us in Miami to talk about his return to the spotlight, his makeup line, the drama around his name, Kanye West, and your favorite NBA player in his DMs. We play a game of word association and finish with a game of the fan favorite f*ck, marry, kill.
Vinnie Hacker joins us as one of our most requested guests ever. He talks about his fight with Deji and its aftermath, his relationship status, and his transition into becoming a legitimate Twitch streamer. We finish with a game of FMK and talk about this week's headlines around the Internet.
Charly Jordan joins us from Miami to talk about the recent drama with her, Tayler Holder, and Sommer Ray. She talks about her new brands, her new residency at a club in Vegas, and her transition into becoming a DJ. Kio Cyr joins us for the first portion to talk pre-fight about this week's headlines. We finish with some reactions from the entire fig…
Dixie finally joins the program after months of the crew trying to get her on. We talk about Dixie's new song F***BOY, her transition into music, and her past relationships. We play a new game called Rate That F***BOY and catch up on the latest Bryce Hall/Addison Rae drama.Par Barstool Sports
The crew is back together. We watch the latest Lil Huddy music video, get clarity on the real reason Sway broke up, and Logan Paul's reaction to Alex Cooper exposing him. Comedian Whitney Cummings comes on the second half of the show to talk about her thoughts on the Tik Tok world.Par Barstool Sports
This week we have a new third BFF as 'Too Hot To Handle' star turned influencer Harry Jowsey joins the crew with Josh out for a week. We talk about his potential reunion with Francesca Farago, how transitioning from Netflix to social media has gone, and finish with a session of Two Truths and A Lie.Par Barstool Sports
Lana Rhoades joins us on this week's episode from Miami. Lana talks her shift from former adult actress into becoming a millionaire entrepreneur and her recent podcast launch. We play a game of FMK and Lana's recent Instagram story with Dillon Danis.Par Barstool Sports
The crew is in Miami and finally puts an end to all the latest drama. Griffin Johnson joins to talk about the Nessa/Jaden relationship, and loyalty between LA celebrities. We finish by reacting to some viral TikToks.Par Barstool Sports
The crew is joined by Alex Cooper and talks about Alex's move to LA, building the perfect fuckboy, and a rumoured hookup going around LA between Alex and another internet celebrity. Josh wraps up some final thoughts on last week's massive drama. Stromedy joins the program to talk about his beef with Bryce Hall.…
On this week’s episode, the crew is joined by Noah Beck to talk about his relationship with Dixie, what he’s been up to, and draft our perfect influencer houses. We record an emergency pod on the latest Tik Tok drama surrounding Josh, Nessa, Jaden, and Mads.Par Barstool Sports
This week we have the whole team together in LA with special guest Bryce Hall who talks about his breakup with Addison Rae and relationship with Josie Canseco. Dave and Josh breakdown Bryce’s upcoming boxing match and discuss the David Dobrik drama.Par Barstool Sports
We’re joined by Quen Blackwell and talk about the Brianna and Trisha Paytas drama, Bryce Hall allegedly cheating on Addison Rae with an adult actress in Vegas, James Charles checking IDs at the door, and introduce a new game of Guess That Tik Tokker Tattoo.Par Barstool Sports
Dave gets to the bottom of why Josh was late to last week’s pod with his business partner Michael Gruen, Josh addresses Quinton Griggs’ video about the Sway House being dead, Dave does the “Can I call you back” TikTok trend live on air with Guy Fieri, plus a round of Boomer vs Zoomer.Par Barstool Sports
Sienna Mae Gomez comes on for the least toxic interview the guys have ever done. Josh responds to Jackson Mahomes trying to steal his girl. We introduce our newest game '04 or Before? Brianna explains the craze behind "Drivers License" and the guys listen to Lil Huddy's new banger.Par Barstool Sports
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