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The Breach

The Breach

Charlie Mike International

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A militant Christian podcast with 6 guys from different walks of life, helping combat religiosity and bringing up the water level of your faith. The Breach is about challenging warriors of the faith to take the great commission up as their highest calling. It is supported by Charlie Mike International - an apparel company with the goal of financing missions around the world. Support this podcast:
The Breachside Broadcast contains all the Wyrd audio you could want. Tales of Malifaux explores the primary mysteries and developments within Malifaux City and the adventures of your favorite characters through the breach. Earthside Echoes explores the developments following the emergence of the Burning Man on Earth. Chronicles revisits the history of Malifaux and tells the stories of the people and places off the beaten path.
Hello, I'm Danny B. I'm located in the fabulous City of Duncan, on Vancouver Island, Call the Cowichan Valley home for 23 years, educated at VIU, 15 years experience of homelessness and travel across Canada. In 1992 my feet touched down on Vancouver Island, traveling from NB to BC, started living in a city called Esquimalt. As they say, "The rest is history" I put my life experiences, adventures and truths out into a thirsty world. In this podcast you will hear 'some swearing at times" touch ...
Breach Your Mind is a podcast dedicated to helping people navigate the rough waters that often come in life and help them gain a new perspective on situations and issues that they may be struggling with. Along with giving advice and motivation, in-depth conversations with real people will help bridge gaps in many of this life's more overwhelming matters. With a focus on community building, listeners can write to the podcast and submit their issues or topics that they want insight on.
Church militant happenings (headlines), phone-a-friends, scripture probably, faith, love, hope, support, advice, inspiration and family shenanigans! Learn more about the battle at 📿 Support this podcast:


Carbonite | Midroll | Spoke Media

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What really happens when a hacker snatches all your data? Breach digs into the who, why and how of history’s most notorious data breaches. Hosted by journalist Bob Sullivan and producer Alia Tavakolian. Season 2 - Equifax: the worst breach ever. How hackers stole the most valuable data of 145 million people, why it matters, and what we can do about it.
Welcome to my Podcast. I'm Edwin Perez, a pastor, author, blogger and just a man who is passionate about the Gospel. Here you will find topics, interviews, devotionals, theological discussions, music and more. Check out my website for blogs, articles and teachings at
Soulstory is an actual play role playing game podcast (RPG) set in the world of Malifaux. Join us as our Fatemaster guides her four players into a story where steam power and magic meet horror cliché's and fairy tales. If you want to know more about Malifaux, be sure to stick around. Each episode is followed by a cast member sharing some tidbits and lore about the universe. Come for the story but be careful. Bad things happen.
Bad Breaches

Bad Breaches

Joi and Justin

Chaque mois
A podcast from two third-year law students who don’t have enough on their plate already. Listen as we try to navigate being a twenty-something in law school and provide advice (warnings) to prospective and current students. Support this podcast:
Welcome to Beyond the Breach. A new series about how individuals and organizations manage change – with a focus on technology’s impact on humanity and the nature of cybersecurity risk. * The show is hosted by Jonathan Reiber, a writer and security strategist who served as a Speechwriter and Chief Strategy Officer for Cyber Policy in the Obama Defense Department, and co-hosted by D.J. Skelton, a combat veteran, retired Army officer, founder of Paradox Sports, and outdoorsman. * In each episod ...
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The United States is arguably involved in a cyberwar against Russia and China - and appears to be losing. In this episode of "Cybersecurity Unplugged," Tom Kellerman of Contrast Security and Richard Bird of discuss what the U.S. government and companies need to do to win this cyberwar.Par
Its a peace movement song from the 60's, about political strife and anti war sentiment. The same song applies today, I only added a few new pieces too suite the chaos unfolding in Eastern Europe. Basically spotlight the man responsible for our modern day Eve Of Destruction in Ukraine and beyond. The war does not stop there, it has now reached our g…
Today we’re going to discuss an evolving vulnerability in the industrial sector – the security of cloud data and networks. We’re obviously talking about the use of IT infrastructure that’s not physically located within the plant or facility. It’s a platform that is continuing to see an uptick in use. In fact, Netwrix, a leading cloud network securi…
The Silver Bank is the largest breeding ground for North Atlantic humpback whales. Gene Flipse, owner and operator of Conscious Breath Adventures, joins us to discuss and share stories from one of our favorite whale experiences, swimming with humpback whales on the Silver Bank. The episode begins with Sara and Jeff discussing the latest sightings f…
What I enjoy, is just randomly letting my inner self open up for a few minutes, talk, share, laugh, create and use various accents to achieve the spontaneity level required. I am a multicultural individual who aspires to learn from all ethnicities, with many years living in Toronto, Montreal and New Brunswick. My best friend's in childhood were not…
In our final porpisode with Kendra, we finish the last four chapters of Listening to Whales by Alexandra Morton. We highly recommend this book to anyone interested in whales or a story about perseverance. Warning: For some reason, we started talking about explicit around minute 28, so if you don't want to hear that, stop lis tening then.…
Touch base on the new , old and times to come, the ripples of man and his war machines, I'm DannyB and I'm back after a few months of catching up with life. Thank you kindly forso many downloads. Making a tiny idea a dream come true, ya! Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario. Support the show…
In this week's episode, Erica chatted with Nicole Danaher-Garcia researcher from the Dolphin Communication Project about her recent publication, The partial merger of two dolphin societies. The merging of social groups is rarely seen in terrestrial animals, making this finding rather remarkable and furthering our insight into the complex world of s…
The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report discusses financial giant Morgan Stanley's failure to invest in proper hard drive destruction oversight, the future of ransomware and the gangs that have attacked organizations in recent years, and the methods required to secure new payments systems.Par
Are we living death: separated from God? Are we living death: death to self and alive in Christ? When we physically die, the third type of death, the third body bag will reveal which of the first two body bags we chose to live in. If we are dead to self and alive in Christ we need to reclaim what the devil has stolen and proclaim the Gospel so they…
This week Erica sits down with researcher Deborah Vicari to discuss her recent publication regarding the discovery of hybridization between belugas and narwhals using geometric morphometrics on museum specimens. Deborah and her colleagues were able to determine Narlugas do exists by studying their skulls. Source: Skull ecomorphological variation of…
Dain Drake was CEO of a steel fabrication factory. In June 2019, Drake found himself standing outside a closed adult boutique in Houston at 10:00 a.m. on a Sunday. He called the owner and pleaded for him to come. He needed something inside, which might just save his business - from ransomware.Par
In this episode of "Cybersecurity Unplugged," U.S. Air Force Chief Software Officer Nicolas M. Chaillan, a former DHS and DOD adviser, shares his opinions about the government's handling of DevSecOps and cybersecurity, where progress is being made and where more work needs to be done.Par
In this episode of "Cybersecurity Unplugged," Mark Cristiano of Rockwell Automation discusses Rockwell's cybersecurity journey, the particular challenges of deploying cybersecurity in an OT environment, and the minimum and proper industrial protections that organizations need to have in place.Par
The latest ISMG Security Report discusses a new phishing-as-a-service toolkit designed to bypass multifactor authentication, the decision by Lloyd's of London to exclude nation-state attacks from cyber insurance policies, and challenges at Okta after it acquired customer identity giant Auth0.Par
Cybersecurity threat modeling: automated tools or manual methods? It's not an either-or situation, say Stephen de Vries, CEO and co-founder of IriusRisk, and Adam Shostack, president of Shostack and Associates. Each approach brings unique business value, and they discuss the merits of both methods.Par
The sheer number of connected devices in healthcare environments is one of the top challenges healthcare entities face in adopting a zero trust approach to cybersecurity, says Zachary Martin, senior adviser at law firm Venable. He discusses the obstacles to achieving zero trust in healthcare.Par
CISOs have enough tools to identify security weaknesses, says Yoran Sirkis, but they need a way to make the information those tools gather more accessible and to streamline the remediation process. The CEO of Seemplicity discusses how its platform can help security leaders manage remediations.Par
When discussing the industrial sector’s threat landscape, we often detail events that result from vulnerabilities discovered by hackers probing for soft spots within an organization’s networks, connected infrastructure or data storage centers. However, taking a look at Nuspire’s latest Threat Landscape Report reiterates the need for manufacturers t…
When the Eastern European hacker group DarkSide shut down the Colonial Pipeline in May of 2021, the ramifications were felt across numerous landscapes. In addition to impacting air travel and triggering panic over gasoline availability, the six-day interruption of fuel to much of the Eastern United States led to one of the highest profile ransomwar…
In many healthcare entities, the amount of data that is being generated and retained continues to grow - and that mounting trove of legacy data is often never disposed, expanding the surface for cyberattacks and other compromises, says Matthew Bernstein of consulting firm Bernstein Data.Par
Implementation of security service edge technology has progressed over the past six months from early adopters to mainstream organizations, with requests for proposals around SSE projects now carrying tight deadlines rather than no deadline at all, says iboss co-founder and CEO Paul Martini.Par
The extremely diverse architectures and systems within the tens of thousands of very specialized types of medical devices used in clinical settings adds to the complexity healthcare organizations and manufacturers face in managing cybersecurity risk for these products, says Phil Englert of H-ISAC.Par
As a teenage boy, I had a lot of fun, it just wasn't always the best way to have fun. In this episode, I share a memory of a time when reckless abandonment had no meaning, a time when I was invincible, a time that would mark only one of the times where stupidity would outweigh common sense. So log in, sit down and join the conversation as I take yo…
Infoblox has invested in shifting left in the cybersecurity kill chain with on-premises, cloud and hybrid versions of its BloxOne Threat Defense tools, which help security practitioners find and identify threats earlier and mitigate risks, says President and CEO Jesper Andersen.Par
Marketers rely on events to create brand awareness and generate demand, and physical events are coming back after the COVID-19 pandemic, says Gily Netzer of Perimeter 81. But "not everybody is traveling," she says, so hybrid events - and SaaS-driven corporate networks - are the future for companies.Par
Companies continue to struggle with prioritizing which vulnerabilities present the greatest risk to the business and need to be remediated first since vulnerability scoring is too often based on a static set of what could happen if an issue is exploited, says Qualys President and CEO Sumedh Thakar.Par
SIEM can play a key role in aggregating log data for compliance or auditing purposes, but when it comes to identifying threat activity in an IT environment, nothing beats XDR, which excels at using advanced techniques to pinpoint threats in high volumes of data, says Secureworks' Ryan Alban.Par
Hybrid war includes cyberattacks, critical infrastructure attacks and efforts to get information. Victoria Beckman, director of Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit in the Americas, says Ukraine used a national cybersecurity strategy to withstand such attacks from Russia and so can other countries.Par
This world can be difficult to navigate, but it becomes harder when the reason is our own family. Just like any relationship, family relationships can have issues as well and it's how we manage the issues that can determine if we mend the torn relationship or cut the tie altogether. In this episode that's exactly what we discuss. So sit down, log i…
The ISMG Security Report discusses how cyberattacks and operations tied to the Russia-Ukraine war have been affecting civilians since the start of Russia's invasion, whether a practicing cardiologist living in Venezuela is also a ransomware mastermind and effective bot management tooling strategies.Par
In this episode of "Cybersecurity Unplugged," Apiiro's Moshe Zioni, vice president of security research, discusses the company's "Secrets Insights 2022" report on the real-world risks of hardcoded secrets across the software supply chain and how to mitigate the potential damage they can cause.Par
To be confident in one's self is a positive attribute, until the moment that the confidence overtakes common sense. This is when overconfidence sets in and can often get you into trouble. This is the case in this week's episode where I share another anecdote from my life where I truly became too confident in my size and found myself in a situation …
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