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Finagnon Gbènoukpo Noël AHOUNOU (born 17/12/1948) in Porto-Novo, is a singer, composer, arranger, sound engineer,an artistic director and a producer, professionally known as Nel Oliver.He was nominated for the Kora Awards in Sun City in South Africa.
Finagnon Gbènoukpo Noël AHOUNOU (born 17/12/1948) in Porto-Novo
Music career:
Nel Oliver emerged into music from a young age . He made his musica debut at the age of 12 by joining an orchestra, known as “Ry-Da Jazz de la Capitale”, created by his elder brother. In this orchestra, he acted as both singer and guitarist and played with the other members in the localities of Benin and also in certain African countries. He principally wrote songs in French, Where he will fully discovered talent inside himself. Indeed, in 1967, Nel Oliver moved to France and immediately worked with a plethora of groups. About a decade after his arrival in France, Nel Oliver went solo artist, and released his very first 45 rpm which he produced himself in 1976. The album is entitled "Let my music take you" and will be distributed DECCA under the FIESTA label. “I’m looking for myself” is the maxi 45 rpm which will follow the first a few years later. He has released over 6 albums to his credits, his most critically acclaimed songs are "Impossible Love", "You are My Dream" and Djomido which ganered platinum CD's
In 1981, Nel Oliver founded Spade Music recording studio and subsequently in 1987 he became CEO of his own Record Label "Nel Oliver Productions" where he will publish most of his popular songs.Nel reached stardom for performing and singing in various languages and local dialects
Accolades & Awards:
He was rated as one of the best known and most listened to artists in Benin and Africa due to the fact that he sings in several languages ​​and dialects by entertainment journalists and media houses in Republic of Benin.
Nel Oliver has received hundreds of awards, he won the "Prix Panafricain de la chanson Ngwono Africa" ​​in Congo Kinshasa (DRC), following his nomination for the Kora Awards in Sun City (South Africa), then wins the "Bénin Golden Award" (BGA) trophy, in the category "Best Modern Music of Traditional Inspiration". The following year, he received the second prize for "Francophone Song" in Polynesia and received the trophy for "Best male videogram" at the Benin Golden Awards (BGA).

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