AMP:28 Michael Hladky on Performance at Scale High-Speed Applications on Any Device


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What's up everyone, this is Dariusz Kalbarczyk co-founder of NG Poland, JS Poland, & Welcome back to the Angular Master Podcast.

Today we've got a special guest from Vienna Austria, performance engineer, trainer and consultant, Enthusiast of technologies such as Angular, NestJS, rxjs, TypeScript. He is also GDE ang MVP.

Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Hladky!

Let's start the show!

Topics covered in this episode:

✔ How to record and analyze flame charts

✔ How to document performance issues and measure improvements

✔ How to detect performance bottlenecks

✔ MASTER EXERCISE - Analyze and fix performance bugs

✔ Hands down with Angular’s brand new DevTools

✔ Analyze memory usage and active event listeners

✔ Blocking tasks and how to spot scripting bottle necks

✔ Network analysis and improvement strategies

✔ ChangeDetection

✔ Change detection strategies & IVY features

✔ detectChanges vs markForCheck

✔ zone.js & NgZone

✔ MASTER EXERCISE - Refactoring an application to go fully zone-less

✔ ChangeDetection profiling

✔ Subscription handling & memory leaks

✔ Performance Component architecture

✔ Best & Bad performance practices of DOM Structure and css rendering

✔ Runtime performance of scripting, rendering and painting

✔ MASTER EXERCISE - Refactoring an application by leverage browse native features

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