S1 E3: The Writer's Toolbox - Your Story is YOU!


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Why is writing the ultimate adventure of self discovery?
Why is it so important that you know that sometimes the words you've written are not only a part of you but also totally surprising too?
And what exactly do you do once you realise that you aren't the person you let everyone else see? You're much more than you realised? You have thoughts and insights that are unexpected?
What happens when you let someone you know read your heart on a page, and their reaction isn't what you expect? Why you need to be careful about who you share your writing with when your idea is new and delicate like a little baby fawn.
All this and more is discussed in this episode of The Writer's Help Desk in season 1 which is all about giving you the tools to start writing with confidence right here right now - today!
My aim, as always, is to help you;

  • Start writing
  • Build your confidence in your own writing ability and creative choices
  • Keep going when life happens
  • Stay motivated when you're finding it tough
  • Avoid getting stuck by knowing what to expect
  • Finish your writing!

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