Episode 148: Fitness Series Day 3/4: Brooke Garrison of Orangetheory Memes. Doing Hard Things in Fitness and in Real Life


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So you all know I bleed orange as an Orangetheory Coach and it's one of my soulmate workouts so as we continue our fitness series, I thought what better person to bring on from an OTF members' perspective than Brooke Garrison of Orangetheory Memes! We chat about how doing hard things (like a challenging OTF workout) can apply to your life outside the studio and her story of becoming a member and running Orangetheory Memes. I hope this inspires you to show up and do hard things, go #all out and watch that positivity snowball from there!

About Brooke:

“You know how some people do the daily Wordle? Brooke Garrison prefers making daily memes. Brooke Garrison, 24-year-old content creator behind @orangetheorymemes and @brookietheory joins us from sunny Tampa Bay to share the power of high performance habits, her orangetheory journey (and tips for starting your own), and the unexpected path that led her to running the original meme account about everyone’s favorite workout, Orangetheory!



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