RADIO S&SR Transmission N°1239 – 07.02.2022 ( TOP OF THE WEEK FUNKER VOGT « Element 115 » REPO RECORDS)


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SAMPLER & SANS REPROCHES(Radio Transmission)
Playlist N∞ 1239... - Lundi 07 Février 2022 - Horaire : 20:00 >> 22:00

[ S&SR Selection de la semaine... FUNKER VOGT "Element 115" (RepoRecords) ]

< Artiste - Titre - Version - Format - Production - Label >

  1. FUNKER VOGT "Invasion" DCD: Element 115 (RepoRecords)
  2. AMORPHOUS "I'm Not Real" DIG LP: Stigmergy (Semantics Productions)
  3. EX-HYENA "Capture The Stills" DIG EP: Capture The Stills (Brutal Resonance Records)
  4. CARPENTER BRUT "Imaginary Fire (feat. GREG PUCIATO)" DIG SINGLE: Imaginary Fire (Virgin Records / Universal)
  5. LUSTMORD & GODFLESH "Ashen" CD: The Others [Lustmord Deconstructed] (Pelagic Records)
  6. MESH "The Traps We Made (Live in Hamburg)" CD+DVD BOX: Touring Skyward (Dependent)
  7. DEMOKRATIE "The Lookout (Radio Edit)" DIG SINGLE: The Lookout (Seyhan III) (Specchio Uomo)
  8. IN THE NURSERY "H43 Ektachrome (The Animator)" DIG LP: HUMBERSTONE (ITN Corporation)
  9. iVARDENSPHERE ''The Shattering Queen (Moris Blak Remix)" DIG EP: The Shattering Queen (Dependent)
  10. REAKTON "Atom" DIG SINGLE: Atom (Out Of Line Music)
  11. MASSIVE EGO "Dead Eyes Black" DIG EP: The New Normal (Out Of Line Music)
  12. FUNKER VOGT "Element 115" DCD: Element 115 (RepoRecords)
  13. EISFABRIK "Grim Reaper" CD: Kryothermalmusik Aus Der Eisfabrik (RepoRecords)
  14. NOVAkILL "Way" CD: Iconoclast (RepoRecords)
  15. AGONOIZE "Love To Hate" CD: Revelation Six Six Sick (RepoRecords)
  16. AGONOIZE "Faux Amis (Eisfabrik Remix)" MCD: 666 Degrees Below (RepoRecords)
  17. RAVENOUS "Empire (Unreleased Version 1999)" CD: Forward To The Roots (RepoRecords)
  18. HEART PEAKS feat. ODA LOUISE "Schizophrenia" DIG EP: Running Elsewhere (Nu Body Records)
  19. ORANGE SECTOR feat. DJ DOMINATRIX "Photographic (Single Version)" DIG EP: Angstmann (Infacted Recordings)
  20. DARK MINIMAL PROJECT "You Played With Me" DIG LP: Cold Black Room (Autoproduction)
  21. ONEVEN "M52t5" DIG EP: Gebarentalen EP (Insult To Injury)
  22. PUNX SOUNDCHECK & DEAD POP STARS "Replicunt (Dirty Version)" DIG EP: Black Sun Project 1 (Hottwerk Records)
  23. LICORICE CHAMBER "This Love Is Dark" DIG EP: The Taste of Falling (1263208 Records DK)

PROMO THANKS TO : REPORECORDS (Kai Schmidt), AMORPHOUS (Gil O. Santos), BRUTAL RESONANCE RECORDS (Steve Gullotta), REPLICA RECORDS (Roger Wessier), DEPENDENT RECORDS (Stefan Herwig), SPKR MEDIA (Gunnar Sauermann), MIRRORMAN PROMO (James Knights), RED SAND PR (Gary Levermore), OUT OF LINE MUSIC (Iris), NU BODY RECORDS (Ethan Fawkes), INFACTED RECORDINGS (Torben Schmidt), DARK MINIMAL PROJECT (Guillaume VDR), RANSOM NOTE RECORDS (Aiden D'Araujo), HOTTWERK PR (Tony Pontius), UTM MUSIC GROUP (Michel Rowland) ...
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