English Speaking Topics The Difference Between Expressive And Receptive Vocabulary Ep 433


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English Speaking Topics - Don't Beat Yourself Up ✔ Lesson transcript: https://adeptenglish.com/lessons/english-speaking-topics-5/

If you are learning a new language it’s normal to think, hmm I’ve been doing this for weeks or months, how am I doing? Is this where everyone gets to when they put in this much time and effort in? So today in this English language podcast we pick an English-speaking topic that will help us understand what your expectations should be in terms of English listening comprehension vs your ability to speak English.

I’ve recently seen several comments and received a few emails asking where the transcripts for these lessons are. Well, the quick answer is on our website here, or built into the YouTube videos as closed captions here. Basically, we provide a free transcript as a PDF document which you can download and as a web page article with every episode. If you are struggling with understanding some words, you hear in our podcast, you can grab the transcript and google or use a dictionary to lookup anything you don’t understand.

If you are a regular listener, you know that I often use children as an example of how we gain languages. Today is no exception. Adult language learners have a habit of setting unrealistic expectations and then they judge themselves harshly when they cannot meet goals and objectives. This can happen even when our intentions are good.

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.
⭐ Franklin P. Jones

So in today’s English speaking topic we will cover what is typical, in percentage terms, of where your English listening comprehension should be verses your English-speaking ability.

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