#48 Pietro Invernizzi (Stride.VC) : the kings of pre-seed


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A few days after announcing their second £100M seed fund, I'm interviewing Pietro who's telling us more about the success of the firm. Stride was the first check investor at Cazoo, a UK-based online used car marketplace that just went public via SPAC. Good returns for a pre-seed fund, that's the least we can say.

Pietro is a real killer, a very nice guy with whom I had the chance to chat. He is an investor at Stride, the London-based venture capital firm, where he invests first checks in pre-seed founders alongside Fred Destin, and Harry Stebbings. Pia d'Iribarne, who just founded New Wave, was previously a member of the investment team.

If you don't know the team, please check their backgrounds. Fred was a former investor at Accel, investing early in Deliveroo and Harry Stebbings recorded more than +2000 podcast episodes interviewing top-notch VCs and successful CEOs, before joining Stride.

Pietro entered the startup world 4 years ago through The Family, where he spent most of his time helping European founders raise money from top angel investors and VCs globally. He has also made over 18 angel investments himself.

In this episode, you'll discover :

  1. Why did Pietro pick pre-seed? What does he like about pre-seed investing? What surprised him about the pre-seed investing world?
  2. What's the angel ecosystem in Europe?
  3. How does he react to FOMO (fear of missing out) in today's market?
  4. What's his favorite question you ask founders during your first call or meeting with them?
  5. What’s one question he wishes a founder would ask him?
  6. How does he partners with founders before others do?
  7. What’s one thing he learned working alongside Fred Destin and Harry Stebbings?

and more...

Huge thanks Pietro,

See you in London :)

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