1541: AdTech - Digital Ad Measurement for Verification


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Founder and CEO of Method Media Intelligence (MMI) Shailin Dhar joins me on the Tech Talks Daly Podcast in a conversation about Ad fraud, Ad-tech, and giving advertisers a path to be more successful. I also learn more about their mission to bring trust and transparency into the fragmented online advertising ecosystem.

After his experience working at ad-networks and in the affiliate marketing space, Shailin began speaking out against ad-fraud in 2014. Called the “Fraud Crusader,” Shailin takes ad-fraud very seriously because of the wider implications to the economy and integrity of the open internet.

Working with international advertising trade bodies, agency groups, brand advertisers, ad-tech firms, and ad-verification companies to fight advertising fraud has solidified his reputation as a leading expert on the topic.

Shailin’s time working independently since 2014 led him to found Method Media Intelligence in 2017 to take his crusade to the next level by teaming up with like-minded experts that can help make a real impact on the industry.

Shailin is a firm believer in “Knowledge is Power.” Having written many publicly available articles and research pieces on the topic of ad-fraud, Shailin’s goal is to increase the level of awareness across the industry.

About MMI Method Media Intelligence offers comprehensive digital admeasurement to ensure validity, measure viewability, and support brand safety & suitability while covering every transaction and respecting user privacy. Its core product MMI360 offers complete protection of digital ad budgets and provides clear data and guidance for verification, analytics, supply path optimization, media planning, and billing reconciliation.

Innovation can be disruptive, so MMI supports all change management for its customers in their journey to having transparency in online advertising.

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