1533: Memmo - The Tech Connecting Fans and their Idols.


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What would happen if technology built a bridge between famous people and fans? Imagine your favorite footballer, actress, comedian, reality star, or YouTuber to wish a family member or friend a personalized video message. Meet memmo. An app that is using technology to creating personal connections between fans and celebrities.

After thinking for a long time about the positive and emotional effect that occurs when you have personal contact with inspiring people, the idea of memmo came to Gustav Lundberg Toresson and Tobias Bengtsdahl, when they sat each night as guests at different wedding dinners.

During many lengthy speeches, often a little too internal for everyone to appreciate, the evening suddenly stopped. A video clip featuring the bride's main idol was presented, with some playful lines about how it could have instead been the bride and he - with a big congratulations to the lucky groom. A few miles south on a similar event outside Paris, all of the wedding guests suddenly sit in unified laughter.

A French football player has been shown via video clips during dinner, and the mood is quite different from what it was before. The same questions arose in both Gustav and Tobias' minds - how had they managed to get hold of the videos, and is there a way to share these positive experiences more often?

One answer led to the other. Getting hold of these profiles was not a simple story. Personal contact with agents or the profiles themselves was just the beginning, and the implementation of the video was another process. A complicated gift, which nevertheless was more than worthwhile. The reactions to these clips were unbeatable and something that more people should be aware of - at least Gustav and Tobias thought so, and the idea of memmo was born.

memmo is a platform that offers personalized video messages from well-known profiles to their fans and followers. As a customer, you send a request for a specific message - a greeting, an internal joke, or some fancy words for a big speech - and the profile decides what videos they want to perform for the predetermined price. The video is recorded, sent, and paid for directly via our platform.

Gustav Lundberg Toresson joins me on Tech Talks Daily to share the story behind memmo and his vision of leveraging technology to create personal connections between fans and their idols.

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