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Today we have Warren Williams back on the show, and we go deep into a topic that is bound to stir up some emotion … Religion.

Warren has a depth of knowledge on religion that I haven’t come across too many times before, which comes from the deep learning he did in his younger years at a special school he attended which specialises in religious teachings.

He has read every religious book back to front many times, and in their original languages, which means nothing he has learned could be taken out of context.

Join us in this interesting episode as we discuss:

  • Warren’s background studying the different religion’s of the world
  • The 2 different forms of religion: Industrialised & Spiritual
  • The benefits of religion
  • Why religion can only take you so far
  • Why different religions concentrate on what they don’t have in common, rather than what they do
  • The 7 stages of consciousness
  • Why most translations of religious books have been taken out of context
  • Why religion fears questions
  • Warren’s theory on how the pyramids were built & much more

It is always great talking to Warren, and today’s episode was no different. I guarantee that you will take away some real gems from this episode, and that it will give you some food for thought.

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