#31 Gil Dibner d'Angular Ventures (episode in english) : Sur les 5 catégories de VCs, construire son track record et trouver ses mentors


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In this episode, baby vc welcomes Gil Dibner, founder and general partner of angular ventures, an Israeli venture capital fund that backs early stage European startups in deep tech. This episode is taken from a live show we recorded during the lockdown.

Gil Dibner is of American and Israeli origin. He studied at Harvard and then at Wharton before starting his career as a VC in a venture capital fund in Tel Aviv. He has a principal experience at Index Ventures in London.

We wanted to present you a replay of this live as Gil brilliantly analyses the keys of success as a VC.

On the keys to success as a VC :

  1. politicians: People that are able to survive within their firms. The VC industry can be vicious, politically very difficult internally. Even small firms can have very dangerous politics.
  2. dealhunter or workhorse : People that are aggressively generating dealflow. That’s a discipline. It’s a lot of skill and tenacity and hard work. Just be willing to be up until 1am looking for deals. That means reading every crunchbase email, hackernews stories, github updates to identify deals that other people haven’t found. That also means networking and putting more hours and more meetings.
  3. value creation : can you create value for founders of your portfolio ? The ultimate test of that is “exits” and did the founder say that you helped? Founders love these VCs and feel that they get a lot of value from working with them. That’s an important path to success.
  4. being a relationship builder: VCs that are able to create really good relationships with founders or with other investors is a key driver of success. To get founders to take money from that VC, to get other investors/business angels to want to share dealflow with you.
  5. being a stock picker: ultimately, your investment judgement matters. There is no substitute for that. Do you think that’s possible to make good investment decisions at early-stage?

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